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Written by Robert Lyons 
Directed & Performed by Daniiel Irizarry

Yovo wanders the urban sprawl and the small villages of the global south, navigating a whirling onslaught of images, interactions, impressions, and obligations as he searches for the post post post. A rigorous, physical, visceral tour-de-force performance of playful and dark buffoonery reimagined as The New Absurd. Anticipate your participation.


Yovo has been performed in NYC, Poland, Cuba, and South Korea; and has been translated into Spanish and American Sign Language. It is included in My Onliness and Others, a collection of six plays by Lyons published in Fall 2022 by Mercer Street Books.

yovo SK .jpeg

“Eclectic necessary nonsense. A feverish dream of privilege and poverty in a sand pit of post everything.”


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