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PR Man

Written & directed by Robert Lyons

A PR flack has to sell bio-engineered fertilizer to his ex-girlfriend’s home town.  He’s armed with a “crisis management” team and the un-limited resources of his corporate client.  All she’s got is a rag-tag team of activists and memories of him as an idealistic journalism student.  She’s in trouble, and they both know it. 

Until the charming and handsome environmental author blows into town to offer her support. Pulled between his past dreams, present fantasies, and brutal reality, is there any line our flack won’t cross, to win her back?

“Ralph Nader channeling Preston Sturges”

– Time Out NY

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A toxic fusion of “it’s a Wonderful Life” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washiington”

Leonard Jacobs – Backstage

"Satirical wit and emotional candor… full of quirky, surrealist touches and deft strokes of characterization… well observed wryness... wholly original."

Jerssica Branch – City Search

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"Irreverent… purely theatrical pleasures with an under-current of dark humor… a twist on the classic comedy format… unusually polished and attractive!"

                       - David Cote – Time Out/NY

“a surreal environmental sex farce…”

- O'Dywer's PR Daily


"…a fast-paced, sexually-charged comic drama."


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