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No Meat No Irony

Sept 2012 

Written & Directed by Robert Lyons

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“The Mercenary meets the Meditative in the engaging new two-character play… In the course of a long night’s journey into day… they exchange revelations, examine fatherhood, expose the dark side of capitalism, and struggle for the upper hand,,,  No Meat No Irony gathers momentum and maintains interest till its very end.”

                                      Lawrence Van Gelder

                                      New York Times

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“… a matrix where financial, moral and sexual layers merge and reveal their interdependence… uses the evolving amour between two strong characters to raise suggestive questions about the society in which they live… So entertaining… this money-oriented comedy is anything but business as usual.”

                                                   - Jeff Lewonczyk


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“witty… projecting intelligence and convincing sensuality.”

                                                    - Show Business

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“Stunning… cool and sexy.”

                                                                      -  In-NYC

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“thought-provoking… represents the best of New York City’s downtown theatre"


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