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Death of the Liberal Class

Written by Robert Lyons
Directed by Jerry Heymann

A burned-out, left wing journalist retreats to the family farm for peace of mind.  Until his teenage daughter follows, bringing all the anger he’s left behind. Not to mention her hacktivst boyfriend. When his wife shows up to negotiate their split, his newfound vision of being happy proves more elusive than he imagined.

Inspired by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges's book of the same name, Death of the Liberal Class is a dark domestic comedy about liberal parenting, capitalist co-option, and losing (or finding) your edge.

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"Essential theater for the new generation

- Backstage


"The play defies the dichotomous branding of “liberal” and “conservative”. In fact, the personalities and ideologies of the four main characters— and their subsequent personal and ideological conflicts with each other— transcend any simple, media-imposed labels. As a result, who is “right” or “wrong” soon becomes up for interpretation. As the play progresses, the quiet setting of a remote Canadian farm reveals an environment where searing drama exists alongside the chirping birds and freshly laid eggs."

                                                      - Backstage 


"Exquisitely excruciating and delightfully disturbing...Steven Rattazzi is captivating."

                                 - NYTheatreGuide

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